About Us

Memorial Pathology has been implemented with its expert staff and technical infrastructure in the "Central Laboratory" in Istanbul, and a second laboratory within the body of Memorial Antalya Hospital with the same infrastructure including digital pathology equipment. "Intraoperative Consultation" service is provided in all 11 hospitals of the group in 5 provincies.

Memorial Pathology; provides a service based on teamwork with all the clinician team. With the scientific and clinical information, to form the treatment plan by reporting the necessary information for the follow-up and treatment of the patient. Pathology is an active participant of the tumor councils and have role in the follow-up and treatment of patients.

Memorial Health Group, which is a pioneer in the health sector in Turkey and provides health services to patients from 192 countries of the world by breaking many firsts in the international arena, aims to be a reference center in Turkey and the world with the 'MEMORIAL PATHOLOGY'.

Strong pathologist team who are experts in their subspecialities
There are 5 professors, 3 associate professors and 4 specialist physicians in the Memorial Pathology staff. Today, where the half-life of knowledge is expressed in days, there are "branching" / ‘subspecialties" in pathology as in many other specialities.
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Equipped Laboratory infrastructure
Our center has been serving to 11 hospitals and 75,000 patients annually in 5 provinces in Turkey since its establishment. The basic principle of Memorial Pathology, which aims to develop this capacity every year; in line with the mission and vision of MSG, it is to be a pathology laboratory providing "Accurate, Timely and Reliable Pathology Service" and "Documenting Its Quality in Every Field". It has the latest technological equipment that meets the requirements of the age with its FDA approved Digital pathology infrastructure and extensive molecular pathological examinations conducted jointly with the ISO 15189 certified MSG Genetics Laboratory.

Human and human labor are the basis of the pathology. In this century where every step of our lives is digitalized, it is important to benefit from technological equipment in minimizing the risk of error due to human factors. Memorial Pathology is the first pathology center in Turkey, where data matrix tracking is performed at all stages from registration to reporting, and uses software infrastructure that ensures quality and laboratory control in all steps.

Special studies on cancer genetics
n the light of scientific developments and especially "Whole Genome Mapping" studies, the "codes" of cancer are being solved more and more every day. These studies focused on the genetic makeup of the cancer cell. While pathology deals with cells, "Molecular Pathology" deals with the genes and aminoacid sequences of the cells. In this way, there are markers that show only cancer cells and more accurate targets are determined, especially for treatments. These molecular studies are the basis of the "Targeted" treatment, which has become increasingly important in recent years. Especially in some tumor types (some soft tissue and brain tumors), "Molecular Pathological" examinations may be required for both diagnosis and determination of prognosis (course of the disease).

Memorial Pathology; also carries out its studies by collaborating with the comprehensive genetics laboratory within the group.